Top Spring Break Destinations for Watersports Enthusiasts


The most words"spring break" conjure images of campy 1980s films featuring beer-swilling co-eds in board shorts and bikinis. Obviously, it may still mean the exact same thing. Whatever it means, it is still time off from school and it's a great time for families to spend time together, and perhaps sneak away for a small vacation. In case you've got a boat, it means going south where the water is not slushy.

For all those households, we've compiled a list of the greatest spring break destinations. They're at the South, and they are geared on and at the water. One of them is within driving distance of you.


If you're taking a look at a virtual assurance that you'll have hot weather and water the drama in and on, Orlando is a sure bet. There are plenty of pond chains and lakes where you can play if you want to bring combined your ship with.

North of Orlando is Lake Ivanhoe, which used to have a slalom course and also a genuine ski ramp. These are gone now, but Lake Ivanhoe is still one of the greatest ski lakes in the city. It has three separate bodies of water and overlooks the Orlando skyline so you're guaranteed to find room to ride. If you need any supplies, what's more, Ski World of Orlando is right across Orange Avenue.

If you're looking for just a little touring as you're out on the water, then check out the Winter Park series of lakes or the Butler chain on the southwest side of Orlando. There's lots of water, much of that is shielded from end by trees and, well, enormous homes on the lakeshore.

There's loads of night activities in Orlando, when you put the ship away. For that matter, you do not even need a boat to get out on the water. It is a cable park. Orlando Watersports Complex offers a standard and an innovative cable training course, a quiet place for stand up paddle boarding, an inflatable aqua park and a professional shop. Obviously, you can find some time behind a boat, too. Boats, which can be fabricated in Orlando sponsor OWC.

South Florida

You can visit Deerfield Beach, which is not far in the spring break destination town of Fort Lauderdale, if you don't mind driving a little further south. Seriously, you'll have the area all to your self. You and other Ski Rixen customers. They've got jumps and ramps for advanced lessons for riders that want to take it up a notch and skiing, a shop and boarding.


The Lone Star country offers up some great spring break destinations for boaters and co-eds alike. In Austin, Texas, watersports fans can get into riding and schooling at Quest ATX Cable Park. Quest ATX provides a cable system with jumps and rails and also the availability of private schooling. You also can slow down and just cruise around in a kayak or on a standup paddle board. New for 2018, Quest has a water park that delivers a stone wall, monkey bars, slides and a wiggle bridge.

The Austin area has a lot of places to make use of it if you want to bring combined your boat. Lake Travis lies to the northwest of town. It is a lake around the Colorado River that is dammed. Maybe not that Colorado River. This river empties into the Gulf of Mexico in Matagorda, Texas and originates in Texas. When you put the boat away for the day, Austin is one of the greatest destinations in the nation for live music and decent barbecue.

Up in Dallas, watersports fans can select between Flyboard Country and Hydrous Water Park. On the likelihood that it's warm, both of these parks have a whole lot to offer, although the weather in Dallas can change during spring break.

Unlike other destinations mentioned in this story, Flyboard Nation isn't a place or a cable park to brush up on your skills that are wakeboarding. Here you ride it like a jet pack and can strap one of those water-jet-powered boards. Situated on Lewsiville Lake just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, Flyboard Nation offers instruction to get you started and flying. PFDs and helmets are supplied, but you'll need to bring your own wetsuit.

It's 10 acres of riding all, although hydrous Wake Park also is situated on Lewisville Lake. The cable park provides lessons for individuals and parties or you can just show up and ride. It has got the jumps and rails to help keep things challenging and interesting. Hydrous also comes with an inflatable aqua park for kids.

Drive south for better weather and you'll be able to check out the Texas Ski Ranch outside San Antonio. You could devote a lot of time because the place has numerous activities. You can go wakeboarding in the cable park and then proceed wakesurfing behind a boat. It's set up for beginners, so there. And that's the entire point of spring break, although no snow, isn't it?


For guaranteed great weather and plenty of sunshine, head to Arizona, specifically Lake Havasu City. Spring break goes so Havasu might not be the first selection for households with young children. However, it has water in abundance. Head out early for skiing and wakeboarding. The afternoons can be picked up in by the winds and also the open sections of the lake can become choppy. There are plenty of coves around the Arizona and California sides of the lake to research and they are shielded from the winds in some small measure, but it is best to receive your runs performed in the mornings.

Then you can beach the boat in the channel near the London Bridge and people watch. Lodging is plentiful and resorts like the Nautical Beachfront Resort have room for you and your family along with the boat.

If you'd prefer a more laid-back place with as much sunshine, Parker, Ariz.. The"Parker Strip" is considerably calmer in terms of water conditions and air. Also known as Moovalya Lake, the strip has campgrounds and resorts on the California and Arizona sides and are the primary attraction. There are even a casino at the southernmost end of this strip and plenty of waterfront eateries.

If one casino is not enough, tow your ship a little further north to Laughlin, Nev.. , where there's a litany of casino resorts, most of which have conveniences for your boat. Check out gaming and the shows at nighttime , and enjoy miles and miles of Colorado River boating during the afternoon. There's enough water which you can find your very own stretch to have all to yourself.