Memorial Day Weekend Test: Do You Know The Seven Rules of the Water?


The Memorial Day holiday season is , in many regions of America, the kickoff to the summer. Right now, from Maine to the Carolinas, their chart plotters are being dusted off by a great deal of skippers and attempting to recall what the hell all of the buttons do. It is a good time to get a refresher on the waterway rules of the street. Would you answer these seven states, which can be based on the U.S. Coast Guard's navigation rules? (Answers are available in the bottom of the page).

Jet Boats Are Making A Comeback


Sales of jet-powered Boats fell steadily partly because of Bombardier Recreational Products' [BRP] conclusion that was sudden to abandon production of its own jet boats. A year later, this past September, Sea Ray declared after moving so much as displaying prototype models to consumers and traders, it would enter the jet boat market. With this recent history, reasonable market observers might think that this is the marine industry foray into jet technology's conclusion. As it might seem logical, they would be wrong. 

Top Spring Break Destinations for Watersports Enthusiasts


The most words"spring break" conjure images of campy 1980s films featuring beer-swilling co-eds in board shorts and bikinis. Obviously, it may still mean the exact same thing. Whatever it means, it is still time off from school and it's a great time for families to spend time together, and perhaps sneak away for a small vacation. In case you've got a boat, it means going south where the water is not slushy.

Boat Storage Tips

Minocqua-WI-Boat-Storage-Facility4I got into sailing with a trailerable boat (visit our Boat Towing Guide if this is of interest for you), but over the years that I moved up to boats too large for trailering, that meant winter boat storage became a requirement. I miss the advantages of trailerable boats Though I enjoy the big ships of today. There are a range of advantages to getting your boat saved outside your door. It is possible to make snap decisions to head off impromptu angling adventures in the drop of a hat, take advantage of those warm winter to work on small jobs, and you can also save money by maintaining your boat on a trailer. However, that is not an option. 

How to Make Your Powerboat’s Engine Faster


There are a range of ways in which you can make your boat go faster, but which makes your boat's engine go faster is a very different topic. Sure, the speed of your boat will be added to by that extra oomph. But the nature of engines is such that revving your powerboats up beyond its present level is a subject. 

Front-Wheel Drive and Boat Towing


A buddy of mine was nosing around the Auto Trader the day looking for a used SUV to replace his older beater. He's got a ship, so that he definitely looked for something that would pull it but he didn't need a full-sized SUV. He was really interested in a 2011 Explorer because it has a score and fits the needs of his family with its third-row chairs. 

How to Register Your Boat

Registration-Number-PlacementYou've bought a boat. Congratulations! And if you've found your way to this webpage, you probably already know that until you can use that boat, there are a few legal hoops to jump through. Let us assume you have already obtained your angling license, because most boat buyers do that long until they choose a ship and lineup funding . The next step will register for the boat.

Power Boat Surveys Checklist

suveyor-taking-notesBuying a boat can be a stressful process and thoroughly educated yourself about the intricacies of this experience. You've probably already learned that a boat survey is often valuable and/or necessary.

Learn How To Deoxidize a Boat

gelcoat-01Oxidation is no one's friend. It may get in the way of your boat's look and even its function. If you would like to keep your ship and ensure that it always looks its best, you're going to have to know how to fight oxidation. Here is how to deoxidize a ship the ideal way.

Importance of Power Tilt And Trim Maintenance


It's easy to overlook the importance of the lean and tilt unit onto your Yamaha outboard motor, but it is among the most indispensable components for getting the best performance from your own boat and motor. Tilt and trim adjust the angle of the engine and so the surface of the boat, so that they decide the smoothness of the ride, so the clasp onto the water, the capacity to jump plane and many other operations that you often don't even consider.

Keep Your Jet Ski Free From Winter Damage


With us, it is time to winterize and store all your mild-weather toys and that includes your Jet Ski or Waverunner. It is a sad fact, but you can't use your own personal watercraft (a.k.a. PWC) all year. With a cost of $10,000 to $15,000, the pleasure of a PWC doesn't come cheap. Make sure that you make the most from your investment by keeping it secure during the winter. Here are a Couple of easy ways to ensure your Jet Ski remains in pristine condition until you can haul it out again in the spring:

Modern Outboard Engine Repair Tips

download (4)Modern outboard engines have come a very long way, whether you are talking about the now-common four-stroke or modern DFI motors. In both circumstances, reliability is much superior than it was in decades past, fuel efficiency has improved, and issues such as smoky exhaust and ear-splitting noise levels are ancient history. But that doesn't mean your new outboard is infallible. In fact, there are a few common problems with contemporary outboard motors which crop up again and again. These can leave some people sitting at the pier, needing instead of fishing. For those folks who understand the quick fix solution, however, these problems are easy to take care of.

Everything You Need To Know About Powerboats

scarab_255_impulse_runningIf you are the kind of boater who does not wish to require the wind for propulsion, a powerboat is plainly the thing to do. But given that the market contains everything in the 10-foot outboard-propelled inflatable tender to some 600-foot megayacht with on-board helicopter, it can be useful to understand several essential principles before deciding on the kind of ship that best fits your requirements.

How to sell your Pre-owned Boat


The last sales price of a boat may vary greatly depending on the way the negotiation is managed by both seller and buyer. This is one of the last steps to a offer. This component is similar to a game of ping pong in which the ball is that the dollar value of your ship.

  • The boating marketplace is strong and ships are selling fast.
  • You aren't in a rush to sell.
  • Similar boats are recorded slightly above your asking price.
  • You're contemplating many offers in precisely the exact same moment.

5 Boat Shopping Pitfalls To Avoid


You hear the tales in the neighborhood watering holes all of the time -- these stories of woe from people whose ships don't really measure up. The mistakes people make while shopping for a ship are often the same, and you can learn from these mistakes by preventing them altogether. 

The Big Boy Toyz Expo Show 2019

bbte concert ad back 11x14

Wavetech Powersports will be at The Big Boy Toyz Expo Show this year and we are very excited. Below is are some promotional items for the show along with the Facebook and website page link that allows you to see more information about the show for people interested in going. 

Wavetech Powersports Video of Interior and Exterior of the Store

wavetech video

Take a virtual tour of our store where you will be able to see the interior and exterior.

Make Your Jet Boat’s Engine Even Faster


All engines are designed to turn up to some specified RPM range. Before we accept this conversation any farther, we must point out that making any alterations to your engine that induces it to rev higher than its designed wide-open throttle speed generally voids the guarantee. As a result, most people who want to make their engine quicker do not do so until a motor is currently out of warranty (though if money is no object, have it). The next fact to think about is that manufacturers design their search engines and all of the parts connected to them with this RPM range in mind. Push past it and there's a really good chance something -- or what -- will burst. Catastrophic failure isn't an unreasonable expectation and those who strive to earn their engine quicker need to understand they may well receive a very short period of enjoyment before the spring which you put inside that engine measure is totally sprung. The bottom line? Fine tune in your risk, and realize that the risk is rather significant.

Review of the Scarab 195 Open 


The Scarab 195 Open is a sporty performer that matches a large number of functions, from fishing to wake boarding. For many of us, the most memorable portion of Miami Vice was that the flashy 38-foot Scarab that Crockett and Tubbs utilized to zoom their way across Biscayne Bay. The brand new Scarab 195 Open is not anything like that ship. This fresh water jet-powered Scarab 195 Open is exactly the reason that sports-car earnings are down and sport-ute earnings are up: It does everything. After Crockett and Tubbs had chased down the drug lord at 69 mph, well they couldn't do much else using their Scarab.

2017 Yamaha Waverunners Review


If you'd like some fun in sunlight then you need to check out a Yamaha Waverunner! These brilliant personal watercraft are the best way to escape the water and revel in some fresh air, so come in and watch us in Wavetech Powersports and let us show you our awesome lineup of fresh 2017 Yamaha Waverunner!

Things to Think About Before Buy a Personal Watercraft


I occasionally get asked for information when a friend is considering purchasing their first personal watercraft, or upgrading their existing model. And often my advice does not come down to the easy"that will be the fastest/cheapest/best/biggest" watercraft on the industry. Often it comes down to some weird particulars that the person in question may not have believed, but that could really make or break their own personal watercraft experience within the course of several seasons.

5 Jet Ski Repair Tips For Engine Problems


Water riding vehicles provide tremendous enjoyment for owners and tenants alike. But, jet ski sales reps would bring great benefit to their clients by sharing the suitable maintenance guidelines for watercraft units bought by those seeking the feel of rate on the lakes. Jet ski repair shops may charge hefty prices for ongoing engine failures due to ignorance and/or neglect of motor care from jet ski owners. Proper repairs, together with preventative care, like a winterize procedure for the water vehicle, are essential for your owner to enjoy a long life of his or her water ride.

2014 Scarab 195 HO

scarab3-588x441Watersports enthusiasts, start your motors. Mated to a high-efficiency jet drive, this powerplant will firmly plant you on your seat. Trust us, we have run one of them before. And that zippy supercharged and intercooled functionality is only part of the story.

Scarab 165 Ghost Review


Yes, there's more to learn about the 165 Ghost and naturally, we'll dig a bit deeper into the details. But trust us, it's not possible to measure from this ship with a smile plastered across your face. That smile becomes generated by 150 four-stroke Rotax horses, blasting water through a 155MM jet pump to make you some top-end speed of appropriate across 40 MPH. And you get there fast--very fast. What's better, however, is what happens when you crank the wheel over. This boat handles like a sizable PWC, with near-instantaneous turns. The hull slides just enough to feel like a motorcycle slipping right into a hairpin, but not slips so much that you feel like there's a lack of control.

Five DIY Tips To Get Your Boat Ready For Sale


As soon as it's roughly as cliché as ship expressions get, this one certainly has some truth to it"The two happiest days of ship ownership will be the day you get it, and the day you sell it." And if you are getting into the selling sport, then trapping your boat to market as quickly as possible--and for as much money as possible--is the title of the game. When it's polishing and waxing your hull, or cleaning out all your junk-packed stowage lockers, there's work to be done until you formally list your pride and joy for sale.

The Best Way To Sell Your Used Boat


Maybe you wish to cash out of your investment to fund a larger boat. Perhaps your company is moving you to a location with no boating. (There's a name for this area: Hell.) No matter why you are likely to sell, below are a few time-honored actions to consider so as to find a fast sale for a good price. Attempt to include a shot of your own boat underway. Avoid using the brochure or web photos from the manufacturer -- they don't show a true picture of what you're selling, and buyers will understand that.